36 CFR § 254.23 - Studies, assessments, and approval.

§ 254.23 Studies, assessments, and approval.

(a) After initial public notice has been published, a Forest Service official must conduct the necessary studies and assessments to—

(1) Determine if the applicant has made a satisfactory showing that the land will meet essential community needs resulting from internal growth;

(2) Determine if lands applied for would serve indigenous community objectives that outweigh other public objectives and values which would be served by maintaining such a tract in Federal ownership;

(3) Determine if the sale would substantially affect or impair important scenic, wildlife, environmental, historical, archeological, or cultural values;

(4) Evaluate the applicability of public comments;

(5) Identify the extent of valid existing rights and uses; and

(6) Determine if zoning ordinances, covenants, or standards are needed to protect adjacent National Forest land and to protect or mitigate valid existing rights and uses.

(b) Upon approval, the authorized Forest Service official shall take appropriate steps to have an assessment made of the fair market value of the land and process the conveyance pursuant to §§ 254.24, 254.25, and 254.26.

(c) Upon disapproval, a Forest Service official shall—

(1) Notify the applicant in writing of the reasons the proposal is not acceptable;

(2) Inform the applicant of alternate proposals under other authorities and/or appeal rights.