36 CFR § 291.13 - Permits.

§ 291.13 Permits.

(a) The Authorized Officer may issue a permit for the collection of a paleontological resource pursuant to an application if the Authorized Officer determines that:

(1) The applicant is qualified to carry out the permitted activity;

(2) The permitted activity is undertaken for the purpose of furthering paleontological knowledge;

(3) The permitted activity is consistent with any management plan applicable to the National Forest System lands concerned; and

(4) The proposed methods of collection will not threaten significant natural or cultural resources pursuant to 16 U.S.C. 470aaa-3(b)(4).

(5) Collected materials will not be sold or otherwise used for commercial purposes.

(b) Permits may be issued at the Authorized Officer's discretion to applicants that provide a complete application, as provided in § 291.14, and meet qualification and eligibility requirements in § 291.15.