36 CFR § 291.22 - Becoming an approved repository.

§ 291.22 Becoming an approved repository.

(a) A repository identified during the permit application process in § 291.14 must be approved to receive collections by the Authorized Officer as follows:

(1) A repository must meet the minimum requirements in § 291.23 in order to be approved.

(2) A repository must agree in writing that collections:

(i) Remain the property of the Federal government;

(ii) Will be preserved for the public in accordance with § 291.24;

(iii) Will be made available for scientific research and public education; and

(iv) That specific locality data will not be released except in accordance with § 291.6.

(b) The Authorized Officer and the repository official may enter into a formal agreement that explains the responsibilities of the parties for the curation of the collection in accordance with § 291.26.

(c) The repository must agree in writing to periodic inventory and inspection of the collections as described in § 291.25.

(d) Prior to depositing the collection, an Agency paleontologist in consultation with the repository official will determine the content of the collection to be curated based on scientific principles and expertise. A copy of the final catalog will be provided by the repository to the Authorized Officer.

(e) A repository approved by a Federal agency or bureau may be considered an approved repository by the Forest Service.