36 CFR § 291.26 - Repository agreements.

§ 291.26 Repository agreements.

(a) The Authorized Officer may enter into an agreement with Federal and non-Federal repositories regarding the curation of paleontological resources and their associated records.

(b) An agreement will contain the following, as appropriate, including but not limited to:

(1) A statement (updated as necessary) that identifies the collection or group of collections provided to the repository;

(2) A statement that identifies the Federal ownership and the Agency that administers the collection;

(3) A statement of work to be performed by the repository;

(4) A statement of the responsibilities of the Authorized Officer and the repository official for the long-term care of the collection;

(5) A statement that collections are available for scientific and educational uses consistent with § 291.22;

(6) Any special procedures and restrictions for curatorial services and collection management, including loans;

(7) Provisions for consumptive analyses of paleontological specimens;

(8) Any special procedures and/or restrictions on the disclosure of specific locality data;

(9) A statement that all proceeds derived from any use of the collections will be used for their support;

(10) A statement that all exhibits, publications, and studies of Federal specimens by repository staff and/or repository research affiliates will credit the Agency that administers the collection;

(11) Specification of the frequency and methods for periodic inventories;

(12) A statement that accession, catalog, and inventory information will be made available to the Authorized Officer or their staff

(13) A statement that no employee of the repository will sell or financially encumber the collection;

(14) A statement that, in the event the repository can no longer provide care for a collection under the terms of the agreement, the repository official will notify the Authorized Officer in writing;

(15) A statement that the terminating party is responsible for the transfer of collections to another approved repository, including costs;

(16) The term of the repository agreement and procedures for modification, cancellation, suspension, extension, and termination of the agreement; and

(17) Any additional terms and conditions as needed.