36 CFR § 61.7 - Subgrants to certified local governments.

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§ 61.7 Subgrants to certified local governments.

(a) Each SHPO must transfer at least 10 percent of its annual Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grant award to CLGs as subgrants for historic preservation projects and programs in accordance with the Act. In any year that the annual HPF State grant appropriation exceeds $65,000,000, SHPOs must transfer one half of the amount over $65,000,000 to CLGs according to procedures that the Secretary will establish.

(b) Each CLG is eligible to receive funds from the 10 percent (or greater) CLG share of the State's total annual HPF grant award. However, the SHPO need not award funds to all CLGs.

(c) Each SHPO must maintain and follow a procedure that the Secretary approves for the use and distribution of funds from the State's annual HPF grant award to CLGs to ensure that no CLG receives a disproportionate share of the allocation. The procedure will provide a clear basis for the funding decisions. The SHPO must submit any proposed amendment to its procedure to the Secretary for approval. The Secretary will respond to such a proposal in a timely fashion generally within 45 days of receipt.

(d) Each SHPO must notify annually each CLG of its opportunity to apply for HPF funding as well as what is entailed in the application and project selection process.

(e) Each CLG receiving an HPF grant award from the CLG share is a subgrantee of the State. The SHPO must ensure that each CLG adheres to all applicable grant conditions and government-wide and program specific requirements that the National Park Service issues. The SHPO may require specific uses of funds subgranted to CLGs. CLGs may not apply subgranted HPF monies as matching share for any other Federal grant.

(f) Where there is no approved State program pursuant to § 61.4, the Secretary will determine the method for allocating funds to CLGs in that State in accordance with the procedures set forth for the State in this section. To the extent feasible, the Secretary will ensure consistency and continuity in the funding allocation policy of the CLG program for a State that does not have an approved historic preservation program.