36 CFR § 62.9 - General provisions.

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§ 62.9 General provisions.

(a) Agreements. The NPS may enter into contracts, memoranda of agreement, cooperative agreements, or other types of agreements with other Federal agencies, States, counties, local communities, private organizations, owners, Native American tribal governments, or other interested individuals or groups to assist in administering the National Natural Landmarks Program. The agreements may include but are not limited to provisions about identification, evaluation, monitoring or protecting national natural landmarks.

(b) Information dissemination. The NPS may conduct educational and scientific activities to disseminate information on national natural landmarks, the National Natural Landmarks Program, and the benefits derived from systematic surveys of significant natural features to the general public and to interested local, State and Federal agencies and private groups. Dissemination of information on ecologically or geologically fragile or sensitive areas may be restricted when release of the information may endanger or harm the sensitive resources.

(c) Procedural requirements. Any individual, agency, or organization acting as a representative of the NPS in the identification, evaluation, monitoring or protection of national natural landmarks is required to follow this part.

(d) Additional program information. Further guidance on the operation of the National Natural Landmarks Program, as based on this part, may be found in other program documents that are available from the NPS.

(e) Administrative recourse. Any person has the right to insist that NPS take into account all the provisions in this part for national natural landmark designation or removal.