36 CFR § 7.34 - Blue Ridge Parkway.

§ 7.34 Blue Ridge Parkway.

(a) Snowmobiles. After consideration of any special situations, i.e. prescheduled or planned park activities such as conducted hikes or winter bird and wildlife counts, and depending on local weather conditions, the Superintendent may allow the use of snowmobiles on the paved motor road and overlooks used by motor vehicle traffic during other seasons between U.S. 220, Milepost 121.4 and Adney Gap, Milepost 136.0. The public will be notified of openings through the posting of signs.

(b) Fishing.

(1) Fishing is prohibited from one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise.

(2) Fishing from the dam at Price Lake or from the footbridge in Price Lake picnic area in Watauga County, N.C., and from the James River Parkway Bridge in Bedford and Amherst Counties, Va., is prohibited.

(3) The following waters are subject to the restrictions indicated:

(i) North Carolina. Basin Creek and its tributaries in Doughton Park; Trout Lake in Moses H. Cone Memorial Park; Ash Bear Pen Pond, Boone Fork River, Cold Prong Branch, Laurel Creek, Sims Creek, Sims Pond in Julian Price Memorial Park, and Camp Creek.

(A) On all of the above-designated waters in North Carolina the use of bait other than artificial lures having a single hook is prohibited, except that on Basin Creek and its tributaries and Boone Fork River from Price Lake Dam downstream to the Parkway boundary the use of bait other than single hook artificial flies is prohibited.

(B) On all of the above-designated waters in North Carolina the daily creel and size limits shall be posted around the lake shorelines and along the stream banks.

(ii) Virginia. Peaks of Otter Lake in Bedford County, Va.

(A) On the above-designated water in Virginia the use of bait other than artificial lures having one single hook is prohibited.

(B) On the above-designated water in Virginia the daily creel and size limits shall be as posted on the lake shoreline.

(4) Prohibited bait in waters in paragraphs (b)(3) (i) and (ii) of this section: Possession of or use as bait of insects, worms, and other similar organic bait or parts thereof adjacent to, on, or in streams or lakes while in possession of fishing tackle, is prohibited.

(c) Powerless flight. The use of devices designed to carry persons through the air in powerless flight is allowed at times and locations designated by the superintendent, pursuant to the terms and conditions of a permit.

(d) Boating.

(1) The use of any vessel, as defined in § 3.1 of this chapter on the waters of the Blue Ridge Parkway is prohibited except on the waters of Price Lake.

(2) Vessels using Price Lake shall be restricted to vessels propelled solely by oars or paddles.

(3) Vessels using Price Lake may be launched only at established or designated ramps and shall be removed from the water for the night. Campers shall remove their vessels from the water to their campsites at night.

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