36 CFR § 7.43 - Natchez Trace Parkway.

§ 7.43 Natchez Trace Parkway.

(a)-(b) [Reserved]

(c)Vehicles -

(1)Trucks. Trucks over one ton rated capacity are not permitted on the parkway. Trucks, not exceeding one ton rated capacity, are permitted to travel on the Natchez Trace Parkway when used solely for transportation of persons, their baggage, camping equipment and related articles for recreational purposes only. Trucks used for the purpose of hauling non-recreational materials are not permitted.

(2)Animal-drawn vehicles. Animal-drawn vehicles or implements are prohibited on the main parkway road.

(3)Farm vehicles. Farm vehicles, including agricultural implements, with or without load carrying capacity, and whether or not self-propelled, are prohibited on the parkway, except when such travel is authorized by the Superintendent or when such travel is in connection with the construction, operation, or maintenance of the parkway.

(4)Recreational vehicles. Recreational vehicles, including but not limited to self-propelled mobile homes, campers, housetrailers, and vehicles up to 1 1/2 ton rated capacity, when such recreational vehicles are used solely to carry persons for recreational purposes together with their baggage, camping equipment, and related articles for vacation or recreational purposes, are permitted on the parkway.

(5)Trailers. Trailers are permitted when used non-commercially to transport baggage, camping equipment, horses for recreational riding, small boats and other similar items used for vacation or recreational purposes, provided they meet the following criteria:

(i) Utility type trailers must be enclosed or covered and are not to exceed 5 feet by 8 feet.

(ii) Trailers must be equipped with red taillights, red stoplights and mechanical turn signals. Clearance lights are required on trailers over 6 feet high.

(iii) Only one trailer of any type may be towed by any one vehicle along the parkway. The towing vehicle and trailer must not exceed 55 feet in length.

(6)Buses. Commercial passenger carrying buses, when used for touring purposes, may travel the Natchez Trace Parkway by obtaining special written permission in advance from the Superintendent or his representative. School buses may travel on the parkway without such written permission when transporting people for special recreational or educational purposes.

(7)Towed vehicles other than trailers. Such vehicles must be towed with a rigid tow bar which does not require a driver for the towed vehicle. Tow bar must be equipped with safety chains that are so connected to the towed and towing vehicles and to the tow bar that, if the tow bar fails, it will not drop to the ground and the chains shall be of sufficient strength to prevent breakaway of the towed vehicle in the event of such tow bar failure. The towed vehicle must be equipped with brakelights, taillights, and signal lights in accordance with applicable State regulations. The towing vehicle and towed vehicle must not exceed 55 feet in length.

(d)Beer and alcoholic beverages. The possession of beer or any alcoholic beverage in an open or unsealed container is prohibited, except in designated picnic, lodging, residence, and camping areas.

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