36 CFR § 7.62 - Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.

§ 7.62 Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.

(a)Snowmobiles. After consideration of existing special situations, i.e., depth of snow, and depending on local weather conditions, the superintendent may designate as open to the use of snowmobiles the following locations within the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area:

(1) All open areas, designated trails and roadways on public land below the 1320-foot contour line within the Stehekin Valley, except cross-country ski trails and within the perimeter of the Buckner Orchard. Snowmobile use on open public lands or designated trails will be limited to permanent, year-round residents of the Stehekin Valley.

(2) That portion of the Stehekin Valley Road normally open to use by motor vehicles from the 1320-foot contour line to the park boundary.

(b)Aircraft. The following are designated as locations where the operation of aircraft is allowed:

(1) The entire water surface of Lake Chelan.

(2) The Stehekin landing field, located at approximate latitude 48°21′ N, approximate longitude 120°43′ W.

(c)Weapons. The following location is designated for target practice between the hours of sunrise and sunset, subject to all applicable Federal, State, and local laws: in the SE 1/4 of sec. 8, T. 33 N., R. 17 E., WM, approximately 100 yards east of mile point 7 on the Stehekin Valley Road, a converted borrow pit.

(d)Solid waste disposal. A solid waste transfer station located near Stehekin within the boundary of Lake Chelan National Recreation Area must comply with all provisions in 36 CFR part 6, except it may:

(1) Accept solid waste generated within the boundary of the park unit that was not generated by National Park Service activities;

(2) Be located within one mile of a campground or a residential area;

(3) Be visible by the public from scenic vistas or off-trail areas in designated wilderness areas;

(4) Be detectable by the public by sound from a campground; and

(5) Be detectable by the public by sight, sound, or odor from a road open to public travel.

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