36 CFR § 7.7 - Rocky Mountain National Park.

§ 7.7 Rocky Mountain National Park.

(a) Fishing.

(1) Fishing restrictions, based on management objectives described in the park's Resources Management Plan, are established annually by the Superintendent.

(2) The Superintendent may impose closures and establish conditions or restrictions, in accordance with the criteria and procedures of §§ 1.5 and 1.7 of this chapter, on any activity pertaining to fishing, including, but not limited to species of fish that may be taken, seasons and hours during which fishing may take place, methods of taking, size, creel, and possession limits.

(3) Fishing in closed waters or violating a condition or restriction established by the Superintendent is prohibited.

(b) Trucking Permits.

(1) The Superintendent may issue a permit for trucking on a park road when the load carried originates and terminates within the counties of Larimer, Boulder, or Grand, Colorado.

(2) The fee charged for such trucking over Trail Ridge Road is the same as the single visit entrance fee for a private passenger vehicle. A trucking permit is valid for one round trip, provided such trip is made in one day, otherwise the permit is valid for a one-way trip only.

(3) The fees provided in this paragraph also apply to a special emergency trucking permit issued pursuant to § 5.6(b) of this chapter.

(c) Boats.

(1) The operation of motorboats is prohibited on all waters of the park.

(2) All vessels are prohibited on Bear Lake.

(d) Dogs, cats, and other pets. In addition to the provisions of § 2.15 of this chapter, dogs, cats, and other pets on leash, crated, or otherwise under physical restraint are permitted in the park only within 100 feet of the edge of established roads or parking areas, and are permitted within established campgrounds and picnic areas; dogs, cats, and other pets are prohibited in the backcountry and on established trails.


(1) On what route may I operate a snowmobile? Snowmobiles may be operated on the North Supply Access Trail solely for the purpose of gaining access between national forest lands on the west side of the park and the town of Grand Lake. Use of this trail for other purposes is not permitted. This trail will be marked by signs, snow poles or other appropriate means.

(2) When may I operate a snowmobile on the North Supply Access Trail? The Superintendent will determine the opening and closing dates for use of the North Supply Access Trail each year, taking into consideration the location of wintering wildlife, appropriate snow cover, and other factors that may relate to public safety. The Superintendent will notify the public of such dates through one or more of the methods listed in § 1.7(a) of this chapter. Temporary closure of this route will be initiated through the posting of appropriate signs and/or barriers.

(f) Bicycle use on the East Shore Trail. The Superintendent may designate all or portions of a 2-mile segment of the East Shore Trail, extending north from Shadow Mountain Dam to the park boundary, as open to bicycle use. A map showing portions of the East Shore Trail open to bicycle use will be available at park visitor centers and posted on the park website. The Superintendent will provide notice of all bicycle route designations in accordance with § 1.7 of this chapter. The Superintendent may limit, restrict, or impose conditions on bicycle use, or close any trail to bicycle use, or terminate such conditions, closures, limits, or restrictions in accordance with § 4.30 of this chapter.

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