36 CFR § 71.9 - Establishment of recreation use fees.

§ 71.9 Establishment of recreation use fees.

(a) Recreation use fees shall be established by all outdoor recreation administering agencies of the Department of the Interior in accordance with the following criteria:

(1) The direct and indirect cost to the government,

(2) The benefit to the recipient,

(3) The public policy or interest served,

(4) The comparable recreation fees charged by other Federal agencies, non-Federal public agencies and the private sector located within the service area of the management unit at which the fee is charged,

(5) The economic and administrative feasibility of fee collection, and

(6) Other pertinent factors.

(b) With the approval of the Secretary of the Interior recreation use fees may be established for other types of facilities in addition to those which are listed below.

(c) Types of recreation facilities for which use fees may be charged:

Tent, trailer and recreation vehicle sites 1

1 Provided, That in no event shall there be a charge for the use of any campsite and adjacent related facilities unless the campground in which the site is located has all of the following: Tent or trailer spaces, drinking water, access road, refuse containers, toilet facilities, personal collection of the fee by an employee or agent of the bureau operating the facility, reasonable visitor protection, and simple devices for containing a campfire (where campfires are permitted).

Group camping sites 1 2

2 The administering agency may establish a group use rate in lieu of the above “Group Camping Sites” recreation use fee in accordance with the criteria set out in this section provided such rate is not less than $3.00 per day per group. Such a group use rate may constitute either a special recreation permit fee or a recreation use fee as determined by the administering agency.

Specialized boat launching facilities and services 3

3 Use fees for boat ramps are prohibited. However, in the case of boat launching facilities with specialized facilities or services, such as mechanical or hydraulic lifts, reasonable fees may be assessed in accordance with the criteria set out in a paragraph (a) of this section.

Boat storage and handling
Ferries and other means of transportation
Swimming pools
Overnight shelters
Guided tours
Electrical hook-ups
Vehicle and trailer storage
Rental of nonmotorized boats
Rental of motorized boats
Rental of hunting blinds
Reservation services
Specialized sites (highly developed)
[45 FR 43168, June 26, 1980. Redesignated at 46 FR 34329, July 1, 1981, and correctly redesignated at 46 FR 43045, Aug. 26, 1981]