36 CFR § 73.15 - International World Heritage activities.

§ 73.15 International World Heritage activities.

(a) The Assistant Secretary, and other officials as appropriate, may represent the U.S. at meetings of the World Heritage Committee, the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee, or other international organizations or agencies which have activities that relate to World Heritage.

(b) In furtherance of Article 6 of the Convention and to the extent that resources permit, the Department will encourage and provide international assistance to other nations in activities relating to the identification, protection, conservation, and preservation of cultural and natural properties. The Secretary, or his designee, may develop and make available to other nations and international organizations training in, and information concerning, professional methods and techniques for the preservation of historic and natural properties (16 U.S.C. 470d; 16 U.S.C. 1537).

(c) NPS staff, in conjunction with the Federal Interagency Panel for World Heritage, provide support for the Assistant Secretary's international activities, including the preparation of documentation, briefing papers, and position statements.

(d) The Assistant Secretary responds, on behalf of the U.S., to requests from the World Heritage Committee, international heritage conservation organizations, or other nations regarding U.S. participation in the World Heritage Convention.