36 CFR § 9.13 - Performance bond.

§ 9.13 Performance bond.

(a) Upon approval of a plan of operations the operator shall be required to file a suitable performance bond with satisfactory surety, payable to the Secretary or his designee. The bond shall be conditioned upon faithful compliance with applicable regulations, the terms and conditions of the permit, lease, or contract, and the plan of operations as approved, revised or supplemented.

(b) In lieu of a performance bond, an operator may elect to deposit with the Secretary, or his designee, cash or negotiable bonds of the U.S. Government. The cash deposit or the market value of such securities shall be at least equal to the required sum of the bond.

(c) The bond or security deposit shall be in an amount equal to the estimated cost of completion of reclamation requirements either in their entirety or in a phased schedule for their completion as set forth in the approved, supplemented or revised plan of operations.

(d) In the event that an approved plan of operations is revised or supplemented in accordance with § 9.12, the Superintendent may adjust the amount of the bond or security deposit to conform to the plan of operations as modified.

(e) The operator's and his surety's responsibility and liability under the bond or security deposit shall continue until such time as the Superintendent determines that successful reclamation of the area of operations has occurred.

(f) When all required reclamation requirements of an approved plan of operations are completed, the Superintendent shall notify the operator that performance under the bond or security deposit has been completed and that it is released.

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