36 CFR § 9.85 - Environmental conditions and mitigation actions.

§ 9.85 Environmental conditions and mitigation actions.

You must submit the following information about environmental conditions and mitigation actions:

(a) Description of the natural and cultural resource conditions from your reconnaissance surveys or other sources collected for your proposed area of operations. The Superintendent may require, on a case by case basis, baseline field testing of soils and field or laboratory testing of surface, or near-surface, waters within your area of operations, as well as any groundwater resources that may reasonably may be impacted by your surface operations;

(b) Description of the steps you propose to take to mitigate any adverse environmental impacts on park resources and values, including but not limited to, the System unit's land features, land uses, fish and wildlife, vegetation, soils, surface and subsurface water resources, air quality, noise, lightscapes, viewsheds, cultural resources, and economic environment; and

(c) Discussion of:

(1) Any anticipated impacts that you cannot mitigate; and

(2) All alternative technologically feasible, least damaging methods of operations, their costs, and their environmental effects.