36 CFR § 907.15 - Approval of private development proposals.

§ 907.15 Approval of private development proposals.

(a) Each development proposal submitted by a private developer to the Corporation for its approval, unless categorically excluded, shall require, at a minimum, an environmental assessment.

(b) The Board of Directors may not take any approval action on a submitted development proposal of a private developer until such time as the appropriate environmental review has been prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors.

(c) At a minimum, and as part of any submission made by a private developer to the Board of Directors for its approval, a private developer shall make available data and materials concerning the development proposal sufficient to permit the Corporation to carry out its responsibilities on environmental review. When requested, the developer shall provide additional information that the Corporation believes is necessary to permit it to satisfy its environmental review functions.

(d) As part of a development proposal submission, a private developer may submit an environmental assessment on its development proposal.

(e) Where the responsible Corporation official determines that the preparation of an EIS is required, the EIS shall be prepared in accordance with part 1502 of the CEQ Regulations. The responsible Corporation official may set time limits for environmental review appropriate to each development proposal, consistent with CEQ Regulations40 CFR 1601.8 and 1506.10.

(f) The responsible Corporation official shall at the earliest possible time ensure that the Corporation commences its environmental review on a proposed development project and shall provide to a private developer any policies or information deemed appropriate in order to permit effective and timely review by the Corporation of a development proposal once it is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. The official shall designate, for the benefit of the developer, staff members of the Corporation to advise the developer with regard to information that may be required in order to accomplish the Corporation's environmental review.