36 CFR § 910.12 - Development density.

§ 910.12 Development density.

(a) Land would be developed to the fullest extent appropriate in terms of uses, economics, and design so that the city's economic life and tax base can be enhanced.

(b) New development shall be designed to achieve maximum development density within the building envelope delineated by specific height restrictions, but shall also establish a compatible and appropriate scale for historic preservation, residential and other uses, and other urban design elements.

(c) Development density is limited by the Zoning Regulations of the District of Columbia and may be further restricted by the Corporation in specific coordinated planning areas, provided that any lower density would be economically feasible. Generally, the Plan is structured to create high density development west of the FBI and lower density development east of the FBI.

(d) The density of new development should bring new economic life—jobs, shopping, and business opportunities—to Pennsylvania Avenue, while also reinforcing existing activity both on the Avenue and in the adjacent downtown, both within and beyond the Development Area.