36 CFR Part 79, Appendix A to Part 79 - Example of a Deed of Gift

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Appendix A to Part 79—Example of a Deed of Gift
(Name of the Federal agency)
Whereas, the (name of the Federal agency), hereinafter called the Recipient, is dedicated to the preservation and protection of artifacts, specimens and associated records that are generated in connection with its projects and programs;
Whereas, certain artifacts and specimens, listed in Attachment A to this Deed of Gift, were recovered from the (name of the prehistoric or historic resource) site in connection with the Recipient's (name of the Recipient's project) project;
Whereas, the (name of the prehistoric or historic resource) site is located on lands to which title is held by (name of the donor), hereinafter called the Donor, and that the Donor holds free and clear title to the artifacts and specimens; and
Whereas, the Donor is desirous of donating the artifacts and specimens to the Recipient to ensure their continued preservation and protection;
Now therefore, the Donor does hereby unconditionally donate to the Recipient, for unrestricted use, the artifacts and specimens listed in Attachment A to this Deed of Gift; and
The Recipient hereby gratefully acknowleges the receipt of the artifacts and specimens.
Signed: (signature of the Donor)
Date: (date)
Signed: (signature of the Federal Agency Official)
Date: (date)
Attachment A: Inventory of Artifacts and Specimens.
[55 FR 37630, Sept. 12, 1990; 55 FR 41639, Oct. 10, 1990]

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