36 CFR Part 907, Appendix A to Part 907

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Appendix A to Part 907
(a) Specific Corporation actions categorically excluded from the requirements for environmental assessment and an EIS are:
(i) Personnel actions;
(ii) Administrative actions and operations directly related to the operation of the Corporation (e.g., purchase of furnishings, services, and space acquisition for the Corporation offices);
(iii) Property management actions related to routine maintenance, operation, upkeep, etc., of real property owned by the Corporation;
(iv) Review of permit applications relating to minor development activities in the Development Area (sign approval, interior renovations, minor exterior changes to facade, etc.);
(v) Promulgation of development general and square guidelines that implement the Plan as covered by the Final EIS;
(vi) Contracts, work authorizations, procurement actions directly related to and implementing proposals, programs, and master agreements for which an environmental assessment or an environmental assessment and an EIS have been prepared, or which are related to administrative operation of the agency;
(vii) Acquisition/disposal by lease, easement, or sale of real and personal property owned by the Corporation subsequent to and implementing a prior decision of the Board of Directors for which an environmental assessment or an assessment and an EIS were prepared;
(viii) Activities directly related to and implementing the Public Improvements Program of the Corporation approved by the Board of Directors, and which are covered by a previously prepared environmental assessment or an environmental assessment and an EIS;
(ix) Demolition actions preparatory for development by the Corporation, other public agencies, or private developers subsequent to approval of development proposals made by the Board of Directors;
(x) Development proposal identical to the requirements of the Plan and which was included in an EIS previously prepared.
(b) An action which falls into one of the above categories may still require the preparation of an EIS or environmental assessment if the designated corporation official determines it meets the criteria stated in § 907.8(a) or involves extraordinary circumstances that may have a significant environmental effect.

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