37 CFR § 1.19 - Document supply fees.

§ 1.19 Document supply fees.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office will supply copies of the following patent-related documents upon payment of the fees indicated. Paper copies will be in black and white unless the original document is in color, a color copy is requested and the fee for a color copy is paid.

(a) Uncertified copies of patent application publications and patents:

(1) Printed copy of the paper portion of a patent application publication or patent including a design patent, statutory invention registration, or defensive publication document. Service includes preparation of copies by the Office within two to three business days and delivery by United States Postal Service; and preparation of copies by the Office within one business day of receipt and delivery to an Office Box or by electronic means (e.g., facsimile, electronic mail): $3.00

(2) Printed copy of a plant patent in color: $15.00

(3) Color copy of a patent (other than a plant patent) or statutory invention registration containing a color drawing: $25.00

(b) Copies of Office documents to be provided in paper, or in electronic form, as determined by the Director (for other patent-related materials see § 1.21(k)):

(1) Copy of a patent application as filed, or a patent-related file wrapper and contents, stored in paper in a paper file wrapper, in an image format in an image file wrapper, or if color documents, stored in paper in an Artifact Folder:

(i) If provided on paper:

(A) Application as filed: $35.00

(B) Copy Patent File Wrapper, Any Number of Sheets: $290.00

(C) [Reserved]

(D) Individual application documents, other than application as filed, per document: $25.00

(ii) If provided on compact disc or other physical electronic medium in single order or if provided electronically (e.g., by electronic transmission) other than on a physical electronic medium:

(A) Application as filed: $35.00

(B) Copy Patent File Wrapper, Electronic, Any Size: $60.00

(C) [Reserved]

(iii) [Reserved]

(iv) If provided to a foreign intellectual property office pursuant to a bilateral or multilateral agreement (see § 1.14(h)): $0.00

(2) [Reserved]

(3) Copy of Office records, except copies available under paragraph (b)(1) or (2) of this section: $25.00

(4) For assignment records, abstract of title and certification, per patent: $35.00

(c) Library service (35 U.S.C. 13): For providing to libraries copies of all patents issued annually, per annum: $50.00

(d)-(e) [Reserved]

(f) Uncertified copy of a non-United States patent document, per document: $25.00

(g) [Reserved]

(h) Copy of Patent Grant Single-Page TIFF Images (52 week subscription): $10,400.00

(i) Copy of Patent Grant Full-Text W/Embedded Images, Patent Application Publication Single-Page TIFF Images, or Patent Application Publication Full-Text W/Embedded Images (52 week subscription): $5,200.00

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