37 CFR 10.48 - Sharing legal fees.

§ 10.48 Sharing legal fees.
A practitioner or a firm of practitioners shall not share legal fees with a non-practitioner except that:
(a) An agreement by a practitioner with the practitioner's firm, partner, or associate may provide for the payment of money, over a reasonable period of time after the practitioner's death, to the practitioner's estate or to one or more specified persons.
(b) A practitioner who undertakes to complete unfinished legal business of a deceased practitioner may pay to the estate of the deceased practitioner that proportion of the total compensation which fairly represents the services rendered by the deceased practitioner.
(c) A practitioner or firm of practitioners may include non-practitioner employees in a compensation or retirement plan, even though the plan is based in whole or in part on a profit-sharing arrangement, providing such plan does not circumvent another Disciplinary Rule.
[50 FR 5172, Feb. 6, 1985, as amended at 58 FR 54511, Oct. 22, 1993]
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