37 CFR § 351.14 - Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law.

§ 351.14 Proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law.

(a) Any party to the proceeding may file proposed findings of fact and conclusions, briefs or memoranda of law, or may be directed by the Copyright Royalty Judges to do so. Such filings, and any replies to them, shall take place after the record has been closed.

(b) Failure to file when directed to do so shall be considered a waiver of the right to participate further in the proceeding unless good cause for the failure is shown. A party waives any objection to a provision in the determination unless the provision conflicts with a proposed finding of fact or conclusion of law filed by the party.

(c) Proposed findings of fact shall be numbered by paragraph and include all basic evidentiary facts developed on the record used to support proposed conclusions, and shall contain appropriate citations to the record for each evidentiary fact. Proposed conclusions shall be stated and numbered by paragraph separately. Failure to comply with this paragraph (c) may result in the offending paragraph being stricken.

[71 FR 53330, Sept. 11, 2006]

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