37 CFR § 404.8 - Application for a license.

§ 404.8 Application for a license.

(a) An application for a license should be addressed to the Federal agency having custody of the invention and shall normally include:

(1) Identification of the invention for which the license is desired including the patent application serial number or patent number, title, and date, if known;

(2) Identification of the type of license for which the application is submitted;

(3) Name and address of the person, company, or organization applying for the license and the citizenship or place of incorporation of the applicant;

(4) Name, address, and telephone number of the representative of the applicant to whom correspondence should be sent;

(5) Nature and type of applicant's business, identifying products or services which the applicant has successfully commercialized, and approximate number of applicant's employees;

(6) Source of information concerning the availability of a license on the invention;

(7) A statement indicating whether the applicant is a small business firm as defined in § 404.3(c);

(8) A detailed description of applicant's plan for development or marketing of the invention, or both, which should include:

(i) A statement of the time, nature and amount of anticipated investment of capital and other resources which applicant believes will be required to bring the invention to practical application;

(ii) A statement as to applicant's capability and intention to fulfill the plan, including information regarding manufacturing, marketing, financial, and technical resources;

(iii) A statement of the fields of use for which applicant intends to practice the invention; and

(iv) A statement of the geographic areas in which applicant intends to manufacture any products embodying the invention and geographic areas where applicant intends to use or sell the invention, or both;

(9) Identification of licenses previously granted to applicant under federally owned inventions;

(10) A statement containing applicant's best knowledge of the extent to which the invention is being practiced by private industry or Government, or both, or is otherwise available commercially; and

(11) Any other information which applicant believes will support a determination to grant the license to applicant.

(b) An executed CRADA which provides for the use for research and development purposes by the CRADA collaborator under that CRADA of a Federally-owned invention in the Federal laboratory's custody (pursuant to 35 U.S.C. 209 and 15 U.S.C. 3710a(b)(1)), and which addresses the information in paragraph (a) of this section, may be treated by the Federal laboratory as an application for a license.

[83 FR 15963, Apr. 13, 2018]

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