38 CFR § 14.668 - Disposition of claims.

§ 14.668 Disposition of claims.

(a) Disallowed claims. Claimants will be promptly notified of the disallowance of a claim and the reasons therefor.

(b) Allowed claims—(1) Reimbursement in kind. Where a claim is allowed and it is determined to be to the advantage of the Government, reimbursement will be made in kind. The official authorizing settlement will request the Director, Supply Service, Veterans Health Services and Research Administration, to procure the necessary article or articles and deliver same to the claimant.

(2) Reimbursement by check. The official authorizing settlement will forward allowed claims, other than those requiring reimbursement in kind, to the Finance activity at the Department of Veterans Affairs installation where the claim arose. That activity will audit the claim, which if found proper for payment, will be scheduled on SF 1166, Voucher and Schedule of Payments, and forwarded to the appropriate Regional Disbursing Office for payment.

[38 FR 5475, Mar. 1, 1973, as amended at 42 FR 41422, Aug. 17, 1977]