38 CFR 18.435 - Evaluation and placement.

§ 18.435 Evaluation and placement.

(a)Preplacement evaluation. A recipient that operates a public elementary or secondary education program or activity shall conduct an evaluation of any qualified person who, because of handicap, needs or is believed to need special education or related services before taking any action concerning the initial placement of the person in regular or program special education and any subsequent change in placement.

(b)Evaluation procedures. Elementary, secondary, and adult education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance shall establish standards and procedures for the evaluation and placement of persons who, because of handicap, need or are believed to need special education or related services which ensure that:

(1) Tests and other evaluation materials have been validated for the specific purpose for which they are used and are administered by trained personnel in conformance with the instructions provided by their producer;

(2) Tests and other evaluation materials include those tailored to assess specific areas of educational need and not merely those which are designed to provide a single general intelligence quotient; and

(3) Tests are selected and administered to best ensure that, when a test is administered to a student with impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills, the test results accurately reflect the student's aptitude or achievement level or whatever other factor the test purports to measure, rather than reflect the student's impaired sensory, manual, or speaking skills (except where those skills are the factors that the test purports to measure.)

(c)Placement procedures. In interpreting evaluation data and in making placement decisions, a recipient shall:

(1) Draw upon information from a variety of sources, including aptitude and achievement tests, teacher recommendations, physical condition, social or cultural background and adaptive behavior;

(2) Establish procedures to ensure that information obtained from all sources is documented and carefully considered;

(3) Ensure that the placement decision is made by a group of persons, including persons knowledgeable about the student, the meaning of the evaluation data and the placement options; and

(4) Ensure that the placement decision is made in accordance with § 18.434.

(d)Reevaluation. A recipient to which this section applies shall establish procedures, in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section, for periodic reevaluation of students who have been provided special education and related services. A reevaluation procedure consistent with the Education for the Handicapped Act is one means of meeting this requirement.

[ 45 FR 63268, Sept. 24, 1980, as amended at 68 FR 51370, Aug. 26, 2003]
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