38 CFR § 21.150 - Reader service.

§ 21.150 Reader service.

(a) Limitations on vision. A veteran considered to have a visual impairment necessitating reader service includes a veteran:

(1) Whose best corrected vision is 20/200 in both eyes;

(2) Whose central vision is greater than 20/200 but whose field of vision is limited to such an extent that the widest diameter of a visual field subtends to an angle no greater than 20 degrees; or

(3) With impaired vision, whose condition or prognosis indicates that the residual sight will be adversely affected by the use of his or her eyes for reading.

(b) Periods during which reader service may be provided. reader service necessary to the development of a rehabilitation plan, or the successful pursuit of a rehabilitation program may be provided during:

(1) Initial evaluation or reevaluation;

(2) Extended evaluation;

(3) Rehabilitation to the point of employability;

(4) Independent living services; or

(5) Employment services, including an initial employment period of up to three months.

(c) Reader responsibility. The reader should be able to do more than read to the veteran. The reader should have an understanding of the subject matter based upon prior training or experience which allows him or her to:

(1) Read printed material with understanding; and

(2) Test the veteran's understanding of what has been read.

(d) Extent of service. The number of hours of service will be determined in each case by the amount of reading necessitated by the course and the efficacy of other equipment with which the veteran has been furnished to enable him or her to read printed material unassisted.

(e) Recording. VA will not normally pay for recording textbooks or other materials as a part of reader services, since excellent recording services are provided by volunteer organizations at no cost.

(f) Selecting a relative as a reader. Utilization of a relative of the veteran as a reader is subject to the limitations on use of a relative as an attendant under § 21.374.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3104(a)(14))