38 CFR § 21.218 - Methods of furnishing supplies.

§ 21.218 Methods of furnishing supplies.

(a) Supplies furnished by the school or facility. VA will make arrangements for the school or other facility furnishing a veteran training, rehabilitation assistance, or employment under Chapter 31 to provide supplies to the extent practicable. This method is the one most likely to assure that supplies are available and can be secured expeditiously. A facility may be considered to be furnishing supplies when the facility itself is the supplier, or the facility has designated a supplier. Prior authorization of supplies by the case manager is required, except for standard sets of books, tools, or supplies which the facility requires all trainees or employees to have.

(b) Issuance of supplies not furnished by the facility. VA will issue authorized supplies directly to the veteran, if the supplies are not furnished by the facility providing training, rehabilitation services, or employment.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3104(a))
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See 48 CFR part 831. Contract cost principles and procedures.