38 CFR § 21.342 - Leave accounting policy.

§ 21.342 Leave accounting policy.

(a) Amount of leave. A veteran pursuing one of the programs listed in § 21.340(a) may be authorized up to 30 days of leave by the case manager during a twelve-month period. The beginning date of the first twelve-month period is the commencing date of the original award, and the ending date is twelve months from the beginning date, with subsequent twelve-month periods running consecutively thereafter.

(b) Additional leave under exceptional circumstances. A veteran in a program may be authorized up to 15 additional days of leave during the twelve-month period by the case manager under exceptional circumstances, such as extended illness or family problems.

(c) Absence. For the purpose of determining when a leave of absence may be authorized, a veteran who elects subsistence allowance shall be considered absent during any period in which he or she is:

(1) Not in attendance under the rules and regulations of the educational institution, rehabilitation center, or sheltered workshop;

(2) Not considered at work under the rules of the training establishment; or

(3) Not present at a scheduled period of individual instruction.

(d) System of records. An educational institution, training establishment, rehabilitation center, or other facility or individual providing training and rehabilitation services under Chapter 31 may utilize the same system of records to determine absence as the one used for similarly circumstanced nonveterans.

(e) Change in rate of pursuit. The amount of approved leave is not affected by the veteran's rate of pursuit of a rehabilitation program.

(f) Charging leave. VA shall charge 1 day of leave for each day or part of a day of absence from pursuit of a rehabilitation program.

(g) Limitation on carrying leave over to another period. The veteran may not carry over unused days of leave from one twelve-month period to another.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3110)
[49 FR 40814, Oct. 18, 1984; 50 FR 9622, Mar. 11, 1985, as amended at 56 FR 14649, Apr. 11, 1991]