38 CFR § 21.344 - Facility offering training or rehabilitation services.

§ 21.344 Facility offering training or rehabilitation services.

(a) Approval of leaves of absence required. Leaves of absence normally must be approved in advance by the case manager when the facility offering training or rehabilitation services arranges for the leave. The approval of the case manager is required:

(1) During periods in a rehabilitation program identified in § 21.342(c); or

(2) A period of hospitalization at VA expense during one of the periods identified in § 21.342(c).

(b) Responsibility of the veteran in obtaining leave. VA will not authorize leave without a verbal or written request by the veteran, and the approval of the facility.

(c) Conditions permitting approval of leaves of absence.

(1) The case manager may approve leaves of absence up to a total of 30 days during a twelve-month period if the facility certifies that the use of the leave does not interfere materially with the veteran's progress;

(2) An additional period of up to 15 days of leave in the same twelve-month period under exceptional circumstances may be approved by the case manager if failure to approve leave will:

(i) Result in personal hardship, or

(ii) Adversely affect the veteran's ability to continue in his or her rehabilitation program.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3110)
[49 FR 40814, Oct. 18, 1984, as amended by 56 FR 14649, Apr. 11, 1991]