38 CFR § 21.4204 - Periodic certifications.

§ 21.4204 Periodic certifications.

Educational assistance allowance is payable on the basis of a required certification concerning the pursuit of a course during the reporting period.

(a) Reports by eligible persons. An eligible person enrolled in a course which leads to a standard college degree, excepting eligible persons pursuing the course on a less than half-time basis, must verify each month his or her continued enrollment in and pursuit of his or her courses. In the case of an eligible person who completed, interrupted or terminated his or her course, any communication from the student or other authorized person notifying VA of the eligible person's completion of course as scheduled or earlier termination date, will be accepted to terminate payments accordingly. Reports by other eligible persons will be submitted in accordance with § 21.4203 (e), (f) or (g).

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 1780(g), 3103)

(b) Requirements. The certifications required by § 21.4203 and paragraph (a) of this section will include a report on the following items when applicable:

(1) Continued enrollment in and pursuit of the course.

(2) Conduct and progress. See § 21.4277.

(3) Date of interruption or termination of training.

(4) Changes in number of semester hours or clock hours of attendance.

(5) Any other changes or modifications in the course as certified at enrollment.

(c) Term, quarter, or semester. For a course which does not lead to a standard college degree, if a school organized on a term, quarter, or semester basis has reported enrollment:

(1) For the ordinary school year or the complete course, the periodic certification will show the intervals between terms, quarters, or semesters as absences.

(2) By term, quarter, or semester, the periodic certification will not cover the intervals between terms, quarters, or semesters.

(d) Year-round courses. The periodic certifications will show any vacation period or interval between periods of instruction as absences. The periodic certification will not cover the period between school years.

(e) Farm cooperative courses. The monthly certification will cover only those periods of classroom instruction which are included in the prescheduled institutional portion of the course.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3684(a))
(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2900-0465)
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