38 CFR § 21.444 - Notice of funding availability.

§ 21.444 Notice of funding availability.

When funds are available for a VEPFS grant, VA will publish a NOFA in the Federal Register and on Grants.gov (http://www.grants.gov). The NOFA will identify:

(a) The location for obtaining grant applications and the specific forms that will be required;

(b) The date, time, and place for submitting completed grant applications;

(c) The total amount and type of funds available and the maximum amount available to a single applicant;

(d) Information regarding eligibility and the scoring process;

(e) Any timeframes and manner for payments under the grant; and

(f) Other information necessary for the VEPFS grant application process, as determined by VA, including contact information for the VA office that will oversee the VEPFS grant.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 501(d), 3119)