38 CFR § 21.6420 - Coordination with the Veterans Service Center.

§ 21.6420 Coordination with the Veterans Service Center.

It is the responsibility of the VR&E Division to inform the Veterans Service Center in writing of the following changes in the veteran's circumstances contained in the following paragraphs.

(a) Evaluation.

(1) The date an evaluation being provided a veteran under age 45, who is required to participate in such evaluation, is suspended because of unsatisfactory conduct or cooperation; and

(2) The date the evaluation is resumed.

(b) Income information. Any information relating to income from work or training which may affect the veteran's continued entitlement to pension, including participation in:

(1) A work adjustment program, incentive or therapeutic work program, vocational training in a rehabilitation facility, or employment in a rehabilitation facility or sheltered workshop;

(2) On-job training;

(3) The work portion of a cooperative or combination program;

(4) Internships; and

(5) Full- or part-time employment.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 1524)

(c) Dependency changes. Information regarding dependency changes if the case manager learns of such changes in the normal course of performing his or her duties.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 1524)

(d) Information to determine if the veteran's permanent and total disability rating is protected under § 3.343. The information provided by the case manager includes:

(1) The employment was within the scope of the vocational goal identified in the veteran's individualized written plan of vocational rehabilitation, or in a related field, and the employment secured by the veteran requires the use of the training or services furnished under the rehabilitation plan.

(2) Employment was secured not later than one year after the date the veteran's eligibility for counseling expired. A veteran's eligibility for counseling expires on the date employment services are terminated by VA or the veteran completes rehabilitation to the point of employability and terminates program participation, whichever is later; and

(3) The veteran maintained his or her employment for 12 consecutive months.

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