38 CFR § 21.84 - Individualized written rehabilitation plan.

§ 21.84 Individualized written rehabilitation plan.

(a) Purpose. The purposes of the IWRP (Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan) are to:

(1) Identify goals and objectives to be achieved by the veteran during the period of rehabilitation services that will lead to the point of employability;

(2) Plan for placement of the veteran in the occupational field for which training and other services will be provided; and

(3) Specify the key services needed by the veteran to achieve the goals and objectives of the plan.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3107)

(b) Elements of the plan. A plan will include the following:

(1) A statement of long-range rehabilitation goals. Each statement of long-range goals shall include at a minimum:

(i) One vocational goal for a veteran with an employment handicap; or

(ii) One vocational goal and, if applicable, one independent living goal for a veteran with a serious employment handicap.

(2) Intermediate rehabilitation objectives; Intermediate objectives are statements of achievement expected of the veteran to attain the long-range goal. The development of appropriate intermediate objectives is the cornerstone of an effective plan. Intermediate objectives should have the following characteristics:

(i) The activity specified relates to the achievement of the goal;

(ii) The activity specified is definable in terms of observable behavior (e.g., pursuing an A.A. degree);

(iii) The activity has a projected completion date;

(iv) The outcome desired upon completion is measurable (e.g., receiving an A.A. degree).

(3) The specific services to be provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs as stated. Counseling shall be included in all plans for a veteran with a serious employment handicap.

(4) The projected starting and completion dates of the planned services and the duration of each service;

(5) Objective criteria and an evaluation procedure and schedule for determining whether the objectives and goals are being achieved as set forth; and

(6) The name, location, and phone number of the VBA case manager.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3107(a))
[49 FR 40814, Oct. 18, 1984; 50 FR 9622, Mar. 11, 1985]