38 CFR § 3.1700 - Types of VA burial benefits.

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§ 3.1700 Types of VA burial benefits.

(a) Burial benefits. VA provides the following types of burial benefits, which are discussed in §§ 3.1700 through 3.1712:

(1) Burial allowance based on service-connected death;

(2) Burial allowance based on non-service-connected death;

(3) Burial allowance for a veteran who died while hospitalized by VA;

(4) Burial plot or interment allowance; and

(5) Reimbursement for transportation of remains.

(b) Definition. For purposes of this subpart, burial means all the legal methods of disposing of the remains of a deceased person, including, but not limited to, cremation, burial at sea, and medical school donation.

(c) Cross references.

(1) Other benefits and services related to the memorialization or interment of a deceased veteran and certain survivors include the following:

(i) Burial in a national cemetery (see §§ 38.600 and 38.617 through 38.629 of this chapter);

(ii) Presidential memorial certificates (see 38 U.S.C. 112);

(iii) Burial flags (see § 1.10 of this chapter); and

(iv) Headstones or markers (see §§ 38.630 through 38.633 of this chapter).

(2) The provisions of §§ 3.1702 through 3.1711 do not apply to any of the programs listed in paragraph (c)(1) of this section.

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