38 CFR § 3.754 - Emergency officers' retirement pay.

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§ 3.754 Emergency officers' retirement pay.

A retired emergency officer of World War I has basic eligibility to retirement pay by the Department of Veterans Affairs under Pub. L. 87–875 (sec. 11(b), Pub. L. 85–857) from date of filing application therefor after October 24, 1962, if the following requirements are met:

(a) Emergency officers' retirement pay would have been granted under Pub. L. 506, 70th Congress (Act of May 24, 1928) if application therefor had been filed before May 25, 1929.

(b) Such retirement pay would have continued to be payable under section 10 of Pub. L. 2, 73d Congress, or under section 1 of Pub. L. 743, 76th Congress.

(c) The monthly rate of retirement pay at any time between May 24, 1928 and May 24, 1929, inclusive, would have been lower than the monthly rate of disability compensation payable to the retired emergency officer.

Cross Reference:

Emergency officers' retirement pay. See § 3.953(b).

[28 FR 72, Jan. 3, 1963]