38 CFR § 36.4280 - Reporting of defaults.

§ 36.4280 Reporting of defaults.

The holder of any guaranteed loan shall give notice to the Secretary within 15 days after any debtor:

(a) Is in default by reason of nonpayment of two full installments; or

(b) Is in default by failing to comply with any other covenant or obligation of such guaranteed loan which failure persists for a continuing period of 60 days after demand for compliance therewith has been made, except that if the default is due to nonpayment of real estate taxes, the notice shall not be required until the failure to pay when due has persisted for a continuing period of 120 days.

(c) In the event any failure of the months or for more than 1 month on an extended loan, the holder may then or thereafter give the notice in the manner described in paragraph (e) of this section.

(d) The notice prescribed in paragraph (e) of this section may be submitted prior to the time prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section in any case where any material prejudice to the rights of the holder or to the Secretary or hazard to the security warrants more prompt action.

(e) Except upon the express waiver of the Secretary, a holder shall not begin proceedings in court or give notice of sale under power of sale, repossess the security, or accelerate the loan, or otherwise take steps to terminate the debtor's rights in the security until the expiration of 30 days after delivery by certified mail to the Secretary of a notice of intention to take such action; provided, that immediate action as required under 38 CFR 36.4278(i) may be taken if the property to be affected thereby has been abandoned by the debtor, or has been or may be otherwise subjected to extraordinary waste or hazard.

(f) The notice required under subparagraph (e) of this paragraph shall also be provided to the original veteran-borrower and any other liable obligors by certified mail within 30 days after such notice is provided to the Secretary in all cases in which the current owner of the property is not the original veteran-borrower. A failure by the holder to make a good faith effort to comply with the provisions of this subparagraph may result in a partial or total loss of guaranty pursuant to VA Regulation 36.4286(b), but such failure shall not constitute a defense to any legal action to terminate the loan. A good faith effort will include:

(1) A search of the holder's automated and physical loan record systems to identify the name and current or last address of the original veteran and any other liable obligors;

(2) A search of the holder's automated and physical loan record systems to identify sufficient information (e.g., Social Security Number) to perform a routine trace inquiry through a major consumer credit bureau;

(3) Conducting the trace inquiry using an in-house credit reporting terminal;

(4) Obtaining the results of the inquiry;

(5) Mailing the required notices and concurrently providing the Secretary with the names and addresses of all obligors identified and sent notice; and

(6) Documentation of the holder's records.

[36 FR 1253, Jan. 27, 1971, as amended at 58 FR 29116, May 19, 1993]