38 CFR § 36.4359 - Supplemental loans.

§ 36.4359 Supplemental loans.

(a) Any loan for the alteration, repair, improvement, extension, replacement, or expansion of a home, with respect to which a guaranteed or insured obligation of the borrower is currently outstanding, may be reported for guaranty or insurance coverage, if such loan is made by the holder of the currently outstanding obligation, notwithstanding the fact no guaranty entitlement remains available to the borrower; Provided, that if no entitlement remains available the maximum amount payable on the revised guaranty shall not exceed the amount payable on the original guaranty on the date of closing the supplemental loan, and the percentage of guaranty shall be based upon the proportion the said maximum amount bears to the aggregate indebtedness, or, in the case of an insured loan, no additional credit to the holder's insurance account may be made: Provided further, that the prior approval of the Secretary shall be required if:

(1) The loan will be made by a lender who is not the holder of the currently guaranteed or insured obligation; or

(2) The loan will be made by a lender not of a class specified in 38 U.S.C. 3702(d); or

(3) An obligor liable on the currently outstanding obligation will be released from personal liability.

(b) In any case in which the unpaid balance of the prior loan currently outstanding is combined or consolidated with the amount of the supplemental loan, the entire aggregate indebtedness shall be repayable in full within the maximum maturity currently prescribed by statute for the original loan. No supplemental loan for the repair, alteration, or improvement of residential property will be eligible for guaranty or insurance unless such repair, alteration, or improvement substantially protects or improves the basic livability or utility of the property involved.

(c) Such loans shall be secured as required in § 36.4355: Provided, that a lien of lesser dignity than therein specified will suffice if the lien obtained is immediately junior to the lien of the original guaranteed or insured obligation: Provided further, that the liens of successive supplemental loans may be of lesser dignity so long as they are immediately junior to the lien of the last previous guaranteed or insured obligation having a lien of required dignity.

(d) Upon providing or extending guaranty or insurance coverage in respect to any such supplemental loan, the rights of the Secretary to the proceeds of the sale of security shall be subordinate to the right of the holder to satisfy therefrom the indebtedness outstanding on the original and supplemental loans.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3703(c)(1), 3710(b)(6))
[73 FR 6310, Feb. 1, 2008. Redesignated at 75 FR 33705, June 15, 2010, as amended at 80 FR 34319, June 16, 2015]

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