38 CFR § 77.10 - Peer review methods.

§ 77.10 Peer review methods.

(a) VA may subject both pre-applications and formal applications to a peer review process. For both competitive and noncompetitive applications, peer review will normally consist of written comments based on the selection criteria established in § 77.5 and any weighting factors identified in the NOFA or conveyed in writing to the noncompetitive applicant, together with the assignment of numerical values. Peer review may occur at meetings of peer reviewers that are held under VA oversight, through mail reviews, or a combination of both. When advisable, site visits may also be employed. The method of peer review anticipated for each announced competitive program, including the weighting factors to be used by peer reviewers, will be specified in each NOFA.

(b) When formal applications are required in response to a NOFA, an initial review will be conducted by qualified VA staff, in order to eliminate from peer review consideration applications which do not meet minimum program requirements. Such requirements as listed in § 77.5 and weighting factors will be specified in the NOFA. Applications determined to be qualified and eligible for further consideration may then be considered under the peer review process.

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