38 CFR § 77.5 - Selection criteria.

§ 77.5 Selection criteria.

(a) VA will review all applications for adaptive sports grants using the following selection criteria:

(1) The adaptive sports activities to be provided by the program are clearly stated;

(2) The objectives of the proposed program are clearly defined;

(3) The program design is based on facts, good reasoning, sound judgment, and logic, and contains program elements directly linked to the achievement of program objectives;

(4) The program management structure is adequate to the successful conduct of the program;

(5) The applicant's capability (including support provided by any partnership or partnerships) is demonstrated at a level sufficient to successfully support the program;

(6) Budgeted costs are reasonable, allowable and produce good value for the amount of funds paid for the activities proposed to be undertaken;

(7) The proposed program provides adaptive sports opportunities in geographic regions where VA has identified limited sports opportunities for disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces;

(8) The proposed program provides an adaptive sports activity or adaptive sports activities that meet the current needs and priorities for disabled veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces; and

(9) Inclusion of all required information in the grant application as specified by 38 U.S.C. 521A(c).

(b) NOFA announcements may also clarify the selection criteria in paragraph (a) of this section. The relative weight (point value) for each selection criterion will be specified in the NOFA.

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