39 CFR § 266.4 - Notification.

§ 266.4 Notification.

(a) Notification of systems. Upon written request, the Postal Service will notify any individual whether a specific system named by the individual contains a record pertaining to that individual, unless exempt from notification under the Privacy Act or other law. See § 266.5 for the suggested form of a request.

(b) Notification of disclosure. The Postal Service will make reasonable efforts to serve notice on an individual before any personal information on such individual is made available to any person under compulsory legal process when such process becomes a matter of public record.

(c) Notification of amendment. See § 266.5(c)(1) relating to amendment of records upon request.

(d) Notification of new use. Any new intended use of personal information maintained by the Postal Service will be published in the Federal Register 30 days before such use becomes operational. Public views may then be submitted to the Privacy and Records Management Office.

(e) Notification of exemptions. The Postal Service will publish in the Federal Register its intent to exempt any system of records and will specify the nature and purpose of that system.

(f) Notification of computer matching program. The Postal Service publishes in the Federal Register and forwards to Congress and to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) advance notice of its intent to establish, substantially revise, or renew a matching program, unless such notice is published by another participant agency. In those instances in which the Postal Service is the “recipient” agency, as defined in the Act, but another participant agency sponsors and derives the principal benefit from the matching program, the other agency is expected to publish the notice. The notice must be sent to Congress and OMB, and published at least 30 days prior to:

(1) The initiation of any matching activity under a new or substantially revised program; or

(2) The expiration of the existing matching agreement in the case of a renewal of a continuing program.