39 CFR 3.8 - Information furnished to Board - special reports.

§ 3.8 Information furnished to Board - special reports.

To insure that the Board receives significant information of developments meriting its attention, postal management shall bring to the Board's attention the following matters:

(a) Major developments in personnel areas, including but not limited to equal employment opportunity, career development and training, and grade and salary structures.

(b) Major litigation activities. Postal management shall also notify the Board in a timely manner whenever it proposes to seek review by any United States Court of Appeals of an adverse judicial or regulatory decision significantly impacting the Postal Service or involving a new, novel, or potentially controversial issue.

(c) Any significant changes proposed in the Postal Service's system of accounts or methods of accounting.

(d) Matters of special importance, including but not limited to important research and development initiatives, major changes in Postal Service organization or structure, major law enforcement activities, and other matters having a significant impact upon the relationship of the Postal Service with its employees, with any major branch of Government, or with the general public.

(e) Information concerning any proposed grant of unique or exclusive licenses to use Postal Service intellectual properties (other than patents and technical data rights), or any proposed joint venture involving the use of such property.

(f) Major or significant financial, operational and compliance reports or studies the Postal Service is required by statute or regulation to prepare.

(g) Other matters having important policy implications.