39 CFR § 762.12 - Definitions.

§ 762.12 Definitions.

As used in part 762 of this chapter, the term:

(a) Disbursement Postal Money Order means a money order (described in Part 762) issued by the Postal Service to pay one of its own obligations.

(b) Federal Reserve Bank means a Federal Reserve Bank or branch thereof.

(c) Financial organization means any bank, savings bank, savings and loan association or similar institution, or Federal or State chartered credit union.

(d) Person or persons means an individual or individuals, or an organization or organizations, whether incorporated or not, including all forms of banking institutions.

(e) Presenting Bank means a bank or other depositor of a Federal Reserve Bank which presents Disbursement Postal Money Orders to and receives credit therefor from a Federal Reserve Bank.

(f) Reclamation means the action taken by the Postal Service to obtain refund of the amounts of paid Disbursement Postal Money Orders.

(g) Postal Service means the U.S. Postal Service.