39 CFR § 952.10 - Answer.

§ 952.10 Answer.

(a) The answer shall contain a concise statement admitting, denying, or explaining each of the allegations set forth in the complaint.

(b) Any facts alleged in the complaint which are not denied or are expressly admitted in the answer may be considered as proved, and no further evidence regarding these facts need be adduced at the hearing.

(c) The answer shall be signed personally by an individual Respondent, or in the case of a partnership by one of the partners, or, in the case of a corporation or association, by an officer thereof.

(d) The answer shall set forth Respondent's address, electronic mail address, and telephone number or the name, address, electronic mail address, and telephone number of an attorney representing Respondent.

(e) The answer shall affirmatively state whether the Respondent will appear in person or by counsel at the hearing.

(f) In lieu of appearing at the hearing in person or by counsel, Respondent may request that the matter be submitted for determination pursuant to § 952.17(b)(10).