39 CFR § 955.11 - Prehearing or presubmission conference.

§ 955.11 Prehearing or presubmission conference.

(a) Whether the case is to be submitted pursuant to § 955.12, or heard pursuant to §§ 955.18 through 955.25, the Board may upon its own initiative or upon the application of either party, convene a conference to consider:

(1) The simplification or clarification of the issues;

(2) The possibility of obtaining stipulations, admissions, agreements on documents, understandings on matters already of record, or similar agreements which will avoid unnecessary proof;

(3) The limitation of the number of expert witnesses, or avoidance of similar cumulative evidence, if the case is to be heard;

(4) The possibility of agreement disposing of all or any of the issues in dispute; and

(5) Such other matters as may aid in the disposition of the appeal.

(b) The results of the conference shall be reduced to writing by the Board and this writing shall thereafter constitute part of the record.