39 CFR § 955.14 - Settling the record.

§ 955.14 Settling the record.

(a) The record upon which the Board's decision will be rendered consists of the appeal file described in § 955.5, and to the extent the following items have been filed, pleadings, prehearing conference memoranda or orders, prehearing briefs, depositions or interrogatories received in evidence, admissions, stipulations, transcripts of conferences and hearings, hearing exhibits, posthearing briefs, and documents which the Board has specifically designated be made a part of the record.

(b) Except as the Board may otherwise order in its discretion, no proof shall be received in evidence after completion of an oral hearing or, in cases submitted on the record, after notification by the Board that the case is ready for decision.

(c) The weight to be attached to any evidence of record will rest within the sound discretion of the Board. The Board may in any case require either party, with appropriate notice to the other party, to submit additional evidence on any matter relevant to the appeal.

(d) The Board may consider the Federal Rules of Evidence for guidance regarding admissibility of evidence and other evidentiary issues in construing those Board rules that are similar to Federal Rules and for matters not specifically covered herein.

[74 FR 20592, May 5, 2009, as amended at 80 FR 31305, June 2, 2015]