39 CFR Part 3002, Appendix A to Part 3002 - Postal Regulatory Commission, Mission Statement of the Office of the Consumer Advocate

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Appendix A to Part 3002—Postal Regulatory Commission, Mission Statement of the Office of the Consumer Advocate
The mission of the Office of the Consumer Advocate is to be a vigorous, responsive, and effective advocate for reasonable and equitable treatment of the general public in proceedings before the Postal Regulatory Commission.
In furtherance of this mission, the Office of the Consumer Advocate will:
1. Give a strong and consistent voice to the views of consumers, especially those that are not otherwise represented in Commission proceedings;
2. Argue for equity on behalf of individuals and small businesses, both as senders and as recipients of mail and mail services;
3. Utilize all means and procedures available under the Commission's rules and applicable law to present evidence and arguments on behalf of consumers in Commission proceedings;
4. Assist in the development of a complete record on issues pending before the Commission;
5. Engage in dialogue with parties or participants in proceedings before the Commission to advance the interests of consumers;
6. Encourage the equitable settlement of issues among the parties and participants in proceedings whenever possible;
7. Promote fair competition between the United States Postal Service and its competitors for the ultimate benefit of consumers;
8. Seek out responsible advocates of consumer interests and encourage their participation in Commission cases;
9. Maintain the highest standards of competence and quality in all evidence and pleadings submitted to the Commission; and
10. Maintain separation and independence from the Commission and its advisory staff in the course of proceedings before the Commission.
[64 FR 37402, July 12, 1999, as amended at 72 FR 33165, June 15, 2007]

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