40 CFR § 1036.115 - Other requirements.

§ 1036.115 Other requirements.

(a) The warranty and maintenance requirements, adjustable parameter provisions, and defeat device prohibition of 40 CFR part 86 apply with respect to the standards of this part.

(b) You must perform fuel mapping for your engine as described in § 1036.510(b).

(c) You must design and produce your engines to comply with evaporative emission standards as follows:

(1) For complete heavy-duty vehicles you produce, you must certify the vehicles to emission standards as specified in 40 CFR 1037.103.

(2) For incomplete heavy-duty vehicles, and for engines used in vehicles you do not produce, you do not need to certify your engines to evaporative emission standards or otherwise meet those standards. However, vehicle manufacturers certifying their vehicles with your engines may depend on you to produce your engines according to their specifications. Also, your engines must meet applicable exhaust emission standards in the installed configuration.

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