40 CFR § 1039.140 - What is my engine's maximum engine power?

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§ 1039.140 What is my engine's maximum engine power?

(a) An engine configuration's maximum engine power is the maximum brake power point on the nominal power curve for the engine configuration, as defined in this section. Round the power value to the nearest whole kilowatt.

(b) The nominal power curve of an engine configuration is the relationship between maximum available engine brake power and engine speed for an engine, using the mapping procedures of 40 CFR part 1065, based on the manufacturer's design and production specifications for the engine. This information may also be expressed by a torque curve that relates maximum available engine torque with engine speed.

(c) The nominal power curve must be within the range of the actual power curves of production engines considering normal production variability. If after production begins it is determined that your nominal power curve does not represent production engines, we may require you to amend your application for certification under § 1039.225.

(d) Throughout this part, references to a specific power value or a range of power values for an engine are based on maximum engine power. For example, the group of engines with maximum engine power above 560 kW may be referred to as engines above 560 kW.