40 CFR § 1054.130 - What installation instructions must I give to equipment manufacturers?

§ 1054.130 What installation instructions must I give to equipment manufacturers?

(a) If you sell an engine for someone else to install in a piece of equipment, give the engine installer instructions for installing it consistent with the requirements of this part. Include all information necessary to ensure that an engine will be installed in its certified configuration.

(b) Make sure the instructions have the following information:

(1) Include the heading: “Emission-related installation instructions”.

(2) State: “Failing to follow these instructions when installing a certified engine in a piece of equipment violates federal law (40 CFR 1068.105(b)), subject to fines or other penalties as described in the Clean Air Act.”

(3) Describe the instructions needed to properly install the exhaust system and any other components. Include instructions consistent with the requirements of § 1054.655 related to altitude kits.

(4) Describe the steps needed to control evaporative emissions in accordance with certificates of conformity that you hold. Include instructions for connecting fuel lines as needed to prevent running loss emissions, if applicable. Such instructions must include sufficient detail to ensure that running loss control will not cause the engine to exceed exhaust emission standards. For example, you may specify a maximum vapor flow rate under normal operating conditions. Also include notification that the installer must meet the requirements of § 1054.112 and 40 CFR part 1060.

(5) Describe how your certification is limited for any type of application. For example, if you certify engines only for rated-speed applications, tell equipment manufacturers that the engine must not be installed in equipment involving intermediate-speed operation. Also, if your wintertime engines are not certified to the otherwise applicable HC+NOX standards in this subpart, tell equipment manufacturers that the engines must be installed in equipment that is used only in wintertime.

(6) Describe any other instructions to make sure the installed engine will operate according to design specifications in your application for certification. For example, this may include specified limits for catalyst systems, such as exhaust backpressure, catalyst location, and temperature profiles during engine operation.

(7) State: “If you install the engine in a way that makes the engine's emission control information label hard to read during normal engine maintenance, you must place a duplicate label on the equipment, as described in 40 CFR 1068.105.”

(c) You do not need installation instructions for engines you install in your own equipment.

(d) Provide instructions in writing or in an equivalent format. For example, you may post instructions on a publicly available Web site for downloading or printing. If you do not provide the instructions in writing, explain in your application for certification how you will ensure that each installer is informed of the installation requirements.

[73 FR 59259, Oct. 8, 2008, as amended at 86 FR 34517, June 29, 2021]