40 CFR § 1060.15 - Do any other CFR parts apply to me?

§ 1060.15 Do any other CFR parts apply to me?

(a) There is a separate part of the CFR that includes exhaust emission requirements for each particular application, as described in § 1060.1(a). We refer to these as the exhaust standard-setting parts. In cases where an exhaust standard-setting part includes evaporative requirements, apply this part 1060 as specified in the exhaust standard-setting part, as follows:

(1) The requirements in the exhaust standard-setting part may differ from the requirements in this part. In cases where it is not possible to comply with both the exhaust standard-setting part and this part, you must comply with the requirements in the exhaust standard-setting part. The exhaust standard-setting part may also allow you to deviate from the procedures of this part for other reasons.

(2) The exhaust standard-setting parts may reference some sections of this part 1060 or may allow or require certification under this part 1060. See the exhaust standard-setting parts to determine what provisions of this part 1060 apply for these equipment types.

(b) The requirements and prohibitions of part 1068 of this chapter apply to everyone, including anyone who manufactures, imports, owns, operates, or services any of the fuel systems subject to this part 1060. Part 1068 of this chapter describes general provisions, including the following areas:

(1) Prohibited acts and penalties for engine manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and others.

(2) Exclusions and exemptions for certain products.

(3) Importing products.

(4) Defect reporting and recall.

(5) Procedures for hearings.

(c) Other parts of this chapter apply if referenced in this part.