40 CFR § 1065.301 - Overview and general provisions.

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§ 1065.301 Overview and general provisions.
Link to an amendment published at 88 FR 4673, Jan. 24, 2023.

(a) This subpart describes required and recommended calibrations and verifications of measurement systems. See subpart C of this part for specifications that apply to individual instruments.

(b) You must generally use complete measurement systems when performing calibrations or verifications in this subpart. For example, this would generally involve evaluating instruments based on values recorded with the complete system you use for recording test data, including analog-to-digital converters. For some calibrations and verifications, we may specify that you disconnect part of the measurement system to introduce a simulated signal.

(c) If we do not specify a calibration or verification for a portion of a measurement system, calibrate that portion of your system and verify its performance at a frequency consistent with any recommendations from the measurement-system manufacturer, consistent with good engineering judgment.

(d) Use NIST-traceable standards to the tolerances we specify for calibrations and verifications. Where we specify the need to use NIST-traceable standards, you may alternatively ask for our approval to use international standards that are not NIST-traceable.